Quick start on Linux

Install the Java runtime (JRE 7 or newer) and unzip. For example on Debian, Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jre-headless unzip

Download and extract the release archive:

wget https://github.com/hontvari/mireka/releases/download/4.2.0/mireka-4.2.0.zip unzip mireka-4.2.0.zip cd mireka-4.2.0

Make the start script executable:

chmod +x bin/start.sh

The default configuration opens the usual mail related TCP ports, all below 1024, and that is only allowed to root. Choose from the following three options, ordered by their difficulty.

Option 1: Run as root

sudo ./bin/start.sh

Option 2: Run as non-root, using non-standard ports

Update the configuration to use port numbers greater than 1024:

sed -i '/setup(PopServer/ a\\tport: 1110,' conf/pop.js sed -i '/setup(SMTPServer/ a\\tport: 1025,' conf/mx.js sed -i '/setup(SubmissionServer/ a\\tport: 1587,' conf/submission/submission.js

Now you can run it as a non-root user:


Option 3: Run as non-root on stardard ports with the help of authbind

Install authbind. For example on Debian, Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install authbind

Configure authbind to enable mail ports for you:

echo -e ",25\n0.0.0.0/0:110,110\n0.0.0.0/0:587,587" | sudo tee /etc/authbind/byuid/$UID /etc/authbind/byuid/\!$UID > /dev/null

Modify start.sh to use authbind:

sed -i 's/^$JAVA_CMD/authbind &/' bin/start.sh

Now you can run it as a non-root user and still use standard ports:


After startup

You will see log messages showing that Mireka listens on port 25 (SMTP), 110 (POP), 587 (Message Submission) or on the ports you configured. For finer log messages:

tail -F log/access.log

Press Ctrl+C to shutdown Mireka.