Log files

Log files are in the MIREKA_HOME/log directory.


It contains errors and warnings. If everything goes well, it should only contain startup and shutdown messages.


It contains every SMTP command received or sent and some additional information from filters. It contains errors and warnings as well. If you have more then 100 000 mail transactions per day, then you may want to switch on buffering on this log.


Every recipients, which are rejected because they are not in the list of valid recipients, although they are addressed to a local domain, are logged in this file. This log file is useful on a fresh installation of Mireka, to make sure that no valid recipients are rejected because of wrong configuration. By default it is switched off.

Configuring logging

Mireka uses the Logback logging library. The log configuration file is MIREKA_HOME/conf/logback.xml. For more information, see the documentation of Logback.