Installing on Windows


Download and install the Java Runtime Environment. JRE 7 or newer is required:
Oracle Java SE downloads

Extract binary archive

Download and extract the binary archive. Use a target directory like C:\ProgramData\Mireka. Mails are stored in subdirectories in the installation directory, so the protected Program Files directory is not ideal, unless you replace the affected subdirectories with links to C:\ProgramData\Mireka subdirectories.


Setup permissions if your use case requires it. The recommended permissions are the same as on Linux. See the comments in the Setup file ownerships section of the Installing binary tarball on Ubuntu page.

Run Mireka as a Service

Download the Apache Commons Daemon Windows binary archive from here:

You can find more information about Commons Daemon here:

The archive contains binaries for both 32 and 64 bit systems. Copy prunmgr.exe and the prunsrv.exe corresponding to your processor architecture into the bin directory of Mireka.

Start a command shell running it as administrator in the Mireka home directory.

Rename the two exe files to be more specific:

rename bin\prunsrv.exe mireka.exe rename bin\prunmgr.exe mirekaw.exe

Install the service:

bin\mireka install mireka --DisplayName="Mireka Mail Server" --Description="Mireka Mail Server and SMTP Proxy" --StartMode=jvm --StopMode=jvm --StartPath="%CD%" --StopPath="%CD%" --Classpath=classes;lib/*;conf ++JvmOptions=-Dlogback.configurationFile=conf/logback.xml ++JvmOptions=-Dmireka.home="%CD%" --Startup=auto --StartClass=mireka.startup.Start --StopClass=mireka.startup.Stop --LogPath=log

You can start the Mireka service in the Services Management Console GUI, or by issuing the command:

net start mireka

Troubleshooting / Maintenance

Check the logs, including the daemon utility log in the log subdirectory.

To remove the service:

bin\mireka delete

GUI to view/change service parameters:


Detailed status information about the service:

sc query mireka

Next steps

Mireka home directory is the directory where you extracted the Mireka zip file. You will find the log files in the log, the configuration files in the conf subdirectories.