Adding a user account

global-users.js contains the list of users who are authorized to use the Message Submission and POP3 services. It contains username, password pairs. An email client (MUA) must authenticate using such an account before submitting and retrieving messages.

Note: The users listed here will receive a POP maildrop and become valid recipients for all local domains listed in domains.js. For example, you have a user account with the name john, and the local domains are and In this case the Mireka accepts both and

Edit the global-users.js file and add your user to the users list. For example if you have two users, John and Jane, the result should look something like this:

globalUsers = setup(GlobalUsers, { users: [ globalUser("john", "changeit"), globalUser("jane", "changeit"), ]});

Do not forget to designate a user as postmaster.