Defining a simple mailing list

Mireka provides very simple mailing lists. This implementation is appropriate for small, internal, closed membership lists. There is no archiving, automatized subscription/unsubscription address, moderation etc. If the requirements are more complex, then a dedicated list manager software should be used.

Edit local-recipients.js and insert a new mailing list definition below the comment ENTER YOUR RECIPIENT-DESTINATION MAPPINGS HERE. For example if you want that all mails sent to the address be distributed to and, then insert the following lines:

... mailingList({ address: "", subjectPrefix: "[SYS-ADMIN]", // Subject of mails will be prefixed by this text. Default: no prefix. membersOnly: false, // Only members are allowed to send mails to the list. Default: true attachmentsAllowed: true, // Default is true. replyToList: true, reversePath: "", // Bounce messages will go to this address. Required. membersOnlyMessage: "Only system administrators can post onto this list.", nonMemberSenderValidator: setup(SubjectRegexpValidator, { pattern: ".*TICKET-NO.*" }), members: listMembers([ "", "", ]), }), ...

Fields not commented above: