First steps after installation

After installating Mireka, you have to configure the following settings, which has no sensible defaults.

Server name

The server identifies itself for others with its domain name. If this server will send mails to external servers, then it is important to setup this correctly. In this case always use the fully qualified domain name of the server. Otherwise you should come up with something meaningful for you.

Edit mireka.js and change the value of the helo variable. For example if your server is named the result should look like this:

... var helo=""; ...

SRS key

If Mireka will be configured to sometime forward incoming mail to an external server, than it has to use a mechanism named SRS to successfully deliver the mail. SRS needs a secret key. Choose a random hexadecimal value which should be about 32 characters long.

Edit mireka.js, uncomment the secretKey line and edit its value. For example if you have choosen 12AB34CD as the secret, the result should look like this:

... secretKey: "12AB34CD", ...


If your server is not only a proxy, then you have to designate a user as the postmaster. Do this after you have setup user accounts. See the page Designate the Postmaster for instructions.

Mailer-daemon name and address

You have to change the mailer daemon address at the top of the submission/queues.js configuration file, to reflect your own domain. The mailer daemon address is used as the from address in automatically generated delivery status notification mails.